May 18

Its true that a dedicated cracker can break through Wireless encryption, but it will keep casual snoopers from getting into your network.

WEP can be confusing to setup, and the process varies by make and model of wireless router. Following are the basic steps for setting up Encryption on a typical D-Link Wireless Router. Check your documentation for details, but it should be similar to this:

1. Go to the setup screen of your router. For a D-Link router, you typically fireup your browser, go to, and type in your username and password, my default username and password is admin, admin.
2. Click on the Wireless link. It will open Wireless settings.
3. There are options to let you set your Encryption Preferences. You can provide an encryption key that will be used by the router and any PC that wants to use the network.
4. Choose 256 bits from the drop down menu. Its the strongest encryption you can use. As shown below.

5. Generate your Encryption key by typing words. or you can get a random key from GRC. You don’t have to generate your key this way, you can create one yourself and type it in manually. But chances are it will be far easier to crack than one randomly generated by the software.
6. Write down the entire key that was just generated. Get yourself a lot of paper, it’s going to be a long one, filled with strange characters. You’ll need to use the key for each computer that is going to access the network.
7. Click the Apply button. That will apply the key to your network. Now only computers that use WEP Encryption and the key you just generated will be able to get onto your network. When you’re sent back to the Setup screen, click Apply.
8. Now you have to configure each wireless connected computer on your network to use WEP and the key you just generated. On each PC, double-click the wireless connection icon in the Windows System Tray, it will open Wireless Connection Status Window, on that window click on “View Wireless Networks” it will open Wireless Network Connection Window, it will say “This network required a network key, if you want to connect to this network, click connect.” Then click the connect button, type the WEP key you wrote down and apply. Shown in below picture.

The computer can now connect to your network using WEP encryption.