Aug 01

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Easy installation, fast read and write, works with my cell phone, plug and play.

I own a pantech duo phone and saw that there was a slot for a micro SD card. i started to look around and found newegg’s kingston 2gig card, i was so happy to receive this in the mail i opened it up and put it into my phone, the only problem was that my finger’s (without fingernails) were to big to click the card into place (not the cards fault but the phone’s) after using a small screwdriver the card clicked into place and after a quick phone restart the card was active, i even found out that i can drag and drop files and media using the “activesync” software that came with the phone. i even put a 110mb .pdf doc onto the phone and it copied and wrote to the card in under 6 mins. now i can put all my music and movies onto my phone and watch them when i’m at work ;).