Jan 29

UGG was started by Brian Smith in 1978, today it is a well known brand and sells Billions worth of Footwear each year. So Why are UGG Boots so popular? What makes them so attractive ? Why do they sell like Hot cakes? When I saw these boots, I only had one feeling how ugly boots. But it seems everyone loves them. To find out the reason I tried a pair Ugg Classic Short Boots, they were also available in tall, but I’m no fan of Taller ones. I like them to be short, anyway. As soon as I wore these boots I got the feeling of why others do this. It felt so comfortable to put my feet into the cozy Sheepskin. okay, They do look ugly, but when it comes to comfort and warmth you have to sacrifice the looks. They are just like Crocs, bad to look, but comfortable to wear.
I wore them for some days, and I felt they are getting dirty, but I did not worry much, because while browsing on the internet I saw Shoe care products by UGG, that includes stain Repellent and Cleaner Conditioner, you can also find a complete care kit on most of the online stores that are featuring Uggs. You can also find replacement insoles.
You can also find a large number of Slippers under this brand, and they are cute too. Like I tried the UGG Dakota Slippers, they are made of high quality sheepskin material to keep your feet warm in winter. I love them so much that I sometimes wear them in Summer season. They are offered in many colors including Pink, brown and coffee.
Do check out the complete Winter Cold boots collection. Also do not forget to read the details for UGG Sundance boots, they are ultra comfy and are more popular than the Cove one’s. One thing tough, Previously these were made in Australia, but it seems that now they are outsourced in China, pity but why should one care for the manufacturing country if you get the same comfort.
A few other styles include Tasman Slippers, UGG Classic Cardy, Upside boots and Classic Tall. For more details on this brand visit this site for UGG Boots and Slippers, they feature reviews for almost each of the style introduced.
If you are more of a fan of clogs, then you should try out Nurse Mates shoes. They are especially made for those who have to stand all day a their jobs like nurses and teachers.