Sep 17

The most Stylish Dress Shoe!!! I was looking for a stylish gray shoe in the size of 11 ½ N from a long time. My search is over after having Sabrina. It is the most trendy dress shoe I have ever purchased. The most important thing which makes it very different from other dress shoes is its POLISHED FINISH! I think its finish is very smooth and attracts all the people around you. The still remember that when I wear this shoe the very first time. All my colleagues gave me very nice complements. Many of my friends bought it after words. The best part of this shoe is that it is not only a dress shoe but looks equally great when worn casually with jeans etc. It fits like a dream and changes your look. It makes you look more fashionable. First time when I wore it I found it a little stiff but it got soften up after two three wears.

I really love Vaneli shoes. These shoes are extremely dressy and very comfy. I have worn it many a time and it never looks rough. Every time I wear it people think that I am wearing it for the first time because of its shine. It is a well made shoe so the quality id very good. I think It really worth its price. I wear it in office, while hanging out with family or friends and also at weddings. So I can wear these with any thing from a pair of jeans to a dressy pant. Over all it is a Versatile Shoe with Versatile Features! Do check out other selection of sandals offered by this brand.