Mar 14

Back on Windows XP, What a relief. Windows 7 is not for me. Below is the comparison.

System Specs: 2.66 Ghz Core 2 Quad, 8 GB Ram.

Load Times (both Fresh Install + drivers): Windows XP: 14 seconds , Windows 7: 30 seconds.

Video Performance: Win XP performs better. Windows 7 sometimes skips or flicker when watching movies and there are horizontal lines when camera is moved fast.

Taskbar: What the hell were they thinking? Okay I do like some things about it like the preview before opening, but overall its a mess, I did everything to make it look like Win Xp or Vista. The worst part, which I was unable to solve, the active open window’s button at taskbar is depressed and inactive buttons are highlighted, Its a complete opposite in Win 7, The active window is highlighted and inactive are dimmed a little and most of the times its difficult to find the active window in first sight.

Gaming: My favorite game Battlefield 2142 crashed Windows 7, I did not try any other game.

Network Connection: It happens sometimes when the network connection on Windows shows “limited access”, In Win XP, clicking on “repair connection” immediately fixes the problem, but in Win 7, it never does, just keep on reapiring it, and it never stops.

Minimize to system tray: Some applications do not run only in system tray like Skype, you have to change its compatibility to older versions of windows for it to work.

The list can go on and on. The only thing I don’t have in Win XP is the ability to search for programs from start menu. Otherwise Windows XP is far superior than Windows 7 and Vista. I will be sticking to it until Microsoft can offer better.