Sep 27

One of the many advantages of choosing the NTFS file system over FAT32 is that it offers slick and essentially seamless on-the-fly compression.

Sep 13

The problem that many users have with startup programs is not creating them

Sep 13

America’s laws and law enforcement agencies have taught us that rarely is a crime committed without a motive.

Sep 13

Cell phones have had a slight advantage over other types of wireless communications in the security realm.

May 08

Microsoft have been trying slowly to compete with search giant Google. But their recent projects like Windows Live were failure.
Since Microsoft was unable to compete with Google in search by its own. So now they are planning on buying the rival company Yahoo to compete with Google. According to New York Post & Wall Street Journal the negotiations have rumored $50 Billion.
Both the companies were already thinking last year to join its force to compete with Google. But it was not carried forward.

The reason for this move can be the Google’s latest acquisition of DoubleClick, which Microsoft and its Chairman Bill Gates had its eye on.

USB Research have listed these stats of Search Share if the merge of Two companies does Happen.

A combined MSFT/YHOO would have 38% of US search share (vs. GOOG 48%), 27% worldwide (vs. GOOG 66%), 12% of US total page views (vs. GOOG 3%), and 19% of US total minutes (vs GOOG 3%).

After this news spread all over the web, Yahoo’s share jumped to US$32.88 , and Microsoft’s dropped almost 1% to US$30.67.