Sep 30

Network performance problems are among the most difficult network problems to track down and solve.

Sep 27

ReadyBoost technology takes advantage of the fact that flash memory offers lower seek times than hard disks.

Sep 13

One of the great things about shortcuts is that you can throw them out when they’re no longer needed.

Aug 24

Unlike cabled networks, wireless networks don’t need a hub or switch.

Aug 07

Laptops are the devices people most commonly picture when they think of wireless LAN end devices.

Aug 07

Today, smart phones are becoming everyday devices that can serve as a planner, phone, Web browser, and small computer

Jul 29

Here is the detailed information you need to know about Windows Vista requirements.

Jul 18

You can connect your PCs using any of several different kinds of gear.

Jul 15

The key steps to connecting a network to a broadband (cable or DSL) modem are

Jul 04

Drivers are the software that enables your hardware to communicate with your computer

May 26

Buy a wireless game adapter designed to hook up PlayStation and other games boxes

May 26

Just buying router won’t bump up your performance

May 23

There’s no need to connect your printer to a PC, you can connect it directly to your wireless network using a USB wireless print server

May 23

That’s the nice thing about standards – there are so many to choose from.

May 16

Chipset: Intel 945
Socket Type: LGA 775
Processor Support: Intel Core2Duo, Pentium D, Pentium 4, Celeron D
FSB Support: 1066/800/533 MHZ
Slots: USB x8, PCI x2, PCI-E-16 x1, PCI-E-1 x1, SATA x4, PATA x1

The Intel Core2Duo is the premium processor to buy in the market today. AMD does not offer and solution that is close to what Intel has on offer in terms of both technology and processing efficiency.
So the question is: what is missing in this motherboard that makes it so affordable?

May 15

By Robert Thompson and Barbara Fritchman Thompson
422 pages
O’Reilly Media: 2nd Edition
ISBN: 978-0596526863
December 2006

Irrespective of your technical experience, this book can guide you through the entire process of building or upgrading your own computer.

May 14

GPU: 8800 GTS
Stream Processors: 96 @ 1.2 GHz each
ROPs: 20
Core Clock: 500 MHz
Memory Size: 640 MB
Memory Clock: 1.6 GHz
Memory Bandwidth: 320-bits


Before starting off with performance benchmarks, it is vital to understand how DirectX 10 will affect gaming throughout the PC industry. Before the technical details kick in, it should be understood that DirectX 10 will not be brining any feature that is significantly newer to the gaming place. Instead, it will provide better control to games programmers and make gaming more “efficent” on the hardware level. To how this lofty dream of efficient gaming will come about, sally forth with this article as it takes you on a journey to DirectX 10 gaming.