Sep 27

A common performance problem occurs when Windows automatically loads an excessive number of programs at startup.

Sep 13

When Michael came out, a need to prevent message modification attacks was built into it.

Jun 03

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May 16

From 1 June 2007, a new payout scheme is effective for Ebay affiliates. Looks like a doubling of payout for ACRU (Monthly New Active Users) and a shift up in tier for rev share. A major change for Pay Per Click Affiliates.

May 15

WordPress 2.2 is now available for download. Visit the wordpress download page. This new version has number of new features.
The 2 most notable features are, Widgets Integration and over 200 bug fixes. It will now also protect you from editing a file or activating a plugin that will break your blog. But these features are not it. Read the official WordPress blog post for full WordPress 2.2 features.

Happy Upgrading :)

May 14

We checked digg site from many countries and its down worldwide. It says “Digg will be down for a brief period”.
Its been 20 minutes, and Digg is still unreachable.
Here is the snapshot of it.