Oct 23

Have you ever wondered will happen to our mother earth in 100 million years ? No I am not talking about if out earth will be sucked into a black hole or hit by a meteor. What will happen to the landmasses on earth, How will they evolve. Based on the evidence collected in decades, Ron Blakey have predicted the future map of our world. At this site you can also view how the earth looked like 600 million years ago and how it evolved gradually to become the earth we know today.

Oct 19

I have stumbled onto this article which explains what is it really you can find inside the black hole. Theoretical physicians say that there is no time inside a black hole and there is infinite gravity. We may know the presence of black holes, but they are a complete mystery yet. We do not fully understand its functionality, but the article suggests some things which should be looked at. There is also a video at the end of the article do watch it.