Sep 27

We love the new eye candy that comes courtesy of Windows Aero But candy is not free

Jul 29

File-management gurus exhort users to organize their documents by creating folders

May 25

Nielsen//NetRatings on 21st May issues its stats for Search engines shares.

May 15

We have made a list of definitions or meanings for the words often used in Search Engine world.

Algorithm – The Long, complicated, secret set of formulas that a search engine uses to rank web pages or websites. It also determines how a web page will rank in the search results pages of a search engine. Every search engine has a different approach towards the factors involved, keywords, links etc.

Backlink or Inbound Link – Any link from another web page to your own (aka Incoming link).

May 09

Nielsen//NetRatings released its numbers for search share on April 23rd for the month of March 2007