Sep 27

Among diehard tweakers, the urge to squeeze out every last bit of performance from a computer is irresistible.

Sep 13

After the initial weaknesses of WEP were in the media and out in front of all the IT people, some of them started using MAC filtering as an interim solution until a standardized one was created.

Aug 07

Unfortunately, you’ll find little consistency in the use of terms and descriptions when you read articles about unsafe or unwanted software

Jul 19

If you crunch the numbers in the AOL stolen e-mail case, those 30 million e-mail addresses sold for $100,000

Jun 25

New threats are constant.

Jun 25

Is your computer system acting weird?

Jun 25

Running up-to-date antivirus software is great, but there is an even better protection

Jun 23

Every year seems to mark a new record for the most new malware introduced, as well as the most systems impacted by malware.

May 24

You’ve set the firewall to block all personal information

May 24

Norton Personal Firewall can be blocking your access to secure sites

May 24

Some discussion groups require the use of the HTTP_REFERER tag in your browser.

May 24

Actually, Ad-Aware may not be hanging. In order to scan inside compressed archives

May 20

There’s no single solution for keeping spyware off your system, but the following tips will help you keep your computer clean.