Feb 14

Dreamweaver users are getting upset with new popup window that

Sep 27

Because cookies—particularly the ones you intentionally allow your system to accept— are more likely to be beneficial than harmful, it’s smart to back them up from time to time.

Sep 13

The Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) concept has created some major privacy issues.

Sep 13

Many wireless gateways use several means of authentication.

Aug 24

One of the most important differences between using an isolated computer

Aug 09

Internet Explorer is extraordinarily customizable.

Jul 29

High-end databases have long supported the idea of the transaction, a collection of data modifications inserts

Jul 15

You’ve logged onto a public hotspot at some great location. This time, let’s say you’re connected poolside at some great hotel in a warm location. So far, all is well and good.

Jul 04

Windows Vista offers speech recognition tools for those who would rather speak than type when communicating with their computers.

Jun 20

The anti-spyware market is both older and also less mature than the antispam market. The problem with the commercial market for anti-spyware products is that spyware is stealthy and quiet.

May 27

In spite of your new cable connection, AOL’s software is still configured to dial your modem.

May 27

If you’re sending out a newsletter to more than 25 people

May 26

Here’s a service just for you

May 26

The D-Link Wireless 2.4 GHZ Internet Camera (DCS-900W) connects to your network and displays streaming video

May 26

You can build your own wireless antenna for a few dollars using tin can and other stray parts

May 24

With the right settings, you can post via email, with no muss or fuss required.

May 24

The answer is to use a free domain forwarding service.

May 19

So you have a larger mySQL database of more than 30 MB size, you want to move it to a new server, and you’re unable to import your database to the new server via phpMyAdmin, due to its time and size limitations.

May 12

It is almost impossible to check broken links on a website manually, so you need right automate way to do it.