Feb 14

Dreamweaver users are getting upset with new popup window that

Oct 23

Have you ever wondered will happen to our mother earth in 100 million years ? No I am not talking about if out earth will be sucked into a black hole or hit by a meteor. What will happen to the landmasses on earth, How will they evolve. Based on the evidence collected in decades, Ron Blakey have predicted the future map of our world. At this site you can also view how the earth looked like 600 million years ago and how it evolved gradually to become the earth we know today.

Oct 19

I have stumbled onto this article which explains what is it really you can find inside the black hole. Theoretical physicians say that there is no time inside a black hole and there is infinite gravity. We may know the presence of black holes, but they are a complete mystery yet. We do not fully understand its functionality, but the article suggests some things which should be looked at. There is also a video at the end of the article do watch it.

Jan 10

Cole Haan Air Jocelyn Lo Slide are light weight and comfortable sandals which will be a perfect treat this summer. Its upper is made from leather and it features buckle detailing along with the trim of jute.

Dec 23

In the year 1953, when many brand were emerging among the hundreds to offer comfortable yet stylish footwear, Kork Ease shoes were one shining star among all, they offer wide variety of styles from shoes to boots to sandals for women only

Dec 04

Propet Cafe are decent and comfortable mary janes which will be ideal for work as well as weekend. These sandals are loaded with latest technologies which ensure great comfort in each step.

Oct 06

There are hundreds of brands out there claiming to be the best of the best.

Jul 25

Marietta- If you want to look trendy and stylish then this is a must have top for you. Your wardrobe is incomplete without this tremendous top which can be worn casually and also while hanging out with friends. The material used in Gabriella Rocha shoes is extremely soft and you will feel very light in this. The gathered fabric detail at the bust gives it a nice touch of style. At the same time the A-line shape which is very in now a days completes its look.

Jun 12
Mar 14

Back on Windows XP, What a relief. Windows 7 is not for me. Below is the comparison.

System Specs: 2.66 Ghz Core 2 Quad, 8 GB Ram.

Load Times (both Fresh Install + drivers): Windows XP: 14 seconds , Windows 7: 30 seconds.

Mar 13

Keen Coronado Mary Janes are Mary Jane style “Sneakers” with funky and attractive looks and they will never go unnoticed. The upper is made from canvas with two-toned printing of flowers and has strap & buckle closure for personalized fit. Keen Coronado style

Mar 05

Believe me or not, if you do a lot of trekking and have not yet experienced Keen Pyrenees boots, then I think you have left the great adventure incomplete.

Sep 17

The most Stylish Dress Shoe!!! I was looking for a stylish gray shoe in the size of 11 ½ N from a long time. My search is over after having Sabrina.

Sep 06

Close Your Eyes and Give Skechers As A GIFT!!! This is the best gift one can ever get. If you are looking forward to give a very nice gift to your family members or friends

Jan 29

UGG was started by Brian Smith in 1978, today it is a well known brand and sells Billions worth of Footwear each year.

Dec 18

Recently I have discovered a site where you can buy shoes for best prices

Aug 01
Mar 13

Revisiting VB 6 after some time, today we are going to develop a chat tool–a simple client and server text.

Oct 27

You don’t have to be a Harry Potter fan to appreciate the hazards of time travel. Here are
some to be aware of:

Sep 30

Network performance problems are among the most difficult network problems to track down and solve.

Sep 30

The client would first need to make a connection to the access point.

Sep 30

One can apply AES in many different ways. The way that the 802.11i standard has chosen to apply AES is with CCMP

Sep 30

The Temporal key Integrity Protocol (TKIP) was an interim solution developed to fix the key reuse problem of WEP.

Sep 27

The Windows Vista edition you purchase determines its basic feature set

Sep 27

Windows experts often change display options for Windows Explorer so that it shows “super hidden” files—files with both the system and hidden attributes.

Sep 27

Because cookies—particularly the ones you intentionally allow your system to accept— are more likely to be beneficial than harmful, it’s smart to back them up from time to time.

Sep 27

Among diehard tweakers, the urge to squeeze out every last bit of performance from a computer is irresistible.

Sep 27

A hard disk cluttered with stuff you no longer need may or may not be an impediment to performance

Sep 27

A “fragmented” hard disk, in which large files are stored in discontiguous sectors, makes read and write heads work overtime and puts a drag on performance.

Sep 27

We love the new eye candy that comes courtesy of Windows Aero But candy is not free

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